My wife and I are sending every e-mail friend this message and they will be forwarding to their contacts that we will cease immediately to do business with ProFlowers and all other companies that advertise with or support Rush Limbaugh in any manner whatsoever.

If ProFlowers has the decency to honor, cherish and protect the welfare of our mothers, wives, daughters and all women in our lives, then ProFlowers will have no problem dropping their advertising with Rush Limbaugh. His denigration of Sandra Fluke in particular and women in general is absolutely beyond acceptance by any man who is worth his salt. I hope the women of America and those men who love and respect them will mount a movement to rid our airwaves of such trash as this.

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Jacksonville, Florida, United States #708888

Anonymous says it all


I believe what Rush is definitely offensive.

However, that is no reason to shut down freedom of speech.

I'm for free speech whether it be Letterman or Bill Maher saying things that I find disgusting.

Becareful what you ask for...you might get it!


get a life leftie. Letterman called Palin and her young daughter a ***. Hello??

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