I made out a simple will for $172 in February 2012. I'd been consumed with caring for my mother for years, and now she's dying in a nursing home. In May 2012 I noticed a $14.99 charge on my credit card, and emailed them over their "mistake."

They informed me that I'd signed up for their Legal Advantage Plus plan for $14.99, when I signed up for their "comprehensive plan." Well, they slipped that right by me. They said they cancelled it immediately. But nothing about "abating" any charges.

Uh, hang on. My monthly income is roughly $1200, and I indeed neither need their "1/2 hour free consultation" nor can I really afford auto-charges of $14.99 monthly.

Seems they're just innocent do-gooders who inadvertently snuck in something as sleazy as this. About all I can do is dispute the charges, even though they say I did, indeed, "sign up" for this. Oh yeah, I can find as many review sites as possible, and "cut and paste" this complaint there, too.

I guess you can never be rich enough, huh Robert?

Location: Mount Laurel, New Jersey

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I've just started getting billed the 14.99 a month. I DID NOT sign up for any monthly plan. This is BS.


LegalZoom did the SAME EXACT THING to us. I didn't see my dad's credit card statement until August, so they have charged him for 4 months for a useless subscription.

Had I known they were going to do that, I would have written up the damn document myself. RIP OFF


Same thing here, just noticed the charge for 14.99 after purchase of a last will and testament a few months later.


Change your card number. Go to the provider of your card and change the number/ new card.


I consider myself very lucky right now. Just like everyone else, I had no idea I somehow signed up for a monthly legal service when I purchased a Will.

Fortunately, I read the email welcoming me to Advantage Plus, and immediately went online to my account and canceled before being charged anything.

I am now done with Legal Zoom.

I'm sure the sign-up process was "legal," but if so many people say they didn't know a thing about it, the company is clearly taking advantage of their customers. It is a pity because I really liked the documents they provided.


I am pretty darn careful not to get swindled by this sort of thing, but LegalZoom put this past me too.

They got my business, then stuck this $14.99 monkey on my back. If they are going to nail you like that, do you trust that a will or other service they provide will be worth anything?

I have no piece of mind now that the will I purchased is worth the paper I printed it on.

They are disgraceful. They are the negative stereotype.


Just ran into the same problem with a charge of $299 on Friday and their closed all weekend so I have no choice but to cancel my card to prevent further charges. It's pending now and will go through tonight if I don't.

I looked deeper and found other charges for a package that I clearly didn't sign up for. I went back and re read all the emails from the beginning top to bottom, all seamed fine but then I'm getting charges out of now where....

Some small some big, but all on a Friday. Can't wait for Monday to raise *** (if they actually answer the phone)


They got me the same way. Then when I called the number they give for cancellations, the guy directed me to use up the benefit I had that month with a free revision to the will.

It isn't free. And he didn't cancel the payments.


They did it to me too.

The call center worker was obviously well versed in her responses as she quickly told me exactly how it happened, that it was in bold letters on check out.

I will certainly recommend people not use them if it ever comes up in conversation


They did it to me too.

I will certainly tell people not to use their services if it ever comes up in conversation


They did that to me too. It's terrible how they say they're trying to help, but add charges as quietly as they can.


We're sorry to hear that you were being charged for a service that you were unaware of. The plan that you were enrolled into is a legal plan that entitles you to receive unlimited attorney consultations.

If it's something that you specified you didn't want to participate in, you definitely shouldn't have been enrolled, and that's our mistake. Contact me at Chyna@***.com for help.


LegalZen offers an integrated document creation experience that evolves as your life does. We help you navigate your legal and life needs by offering documents you need and suggesting documents you may not even know can help.


Lo and behold, I just noticed my simple document purchase a couple months ago left me with this revolving charge. I came away with no impression this was happening in the process of buying the forms.

Also love the wording of this email I dug up:

"Your 30-day trial of Legal Advantage Plus is ending soon. You still have a few days left to take advantage of your benefits....

In ten days, your trial membership will expire. To ensure uninterrupted coverage, you will be automatically charged $14.99 per month."


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Oh, and now that I've been on hold for 30 minutes to cancel, here's hoping the advantaged *** is faster than the disadvantaged one.


So yea, i find charges from LegalZoom on my AmEx - assume it was something i actually did, find the charges about a year later (having not watched my account closely) realizing that its NOT something that ive been involved in or a placed ive purchaced any service or product from, so i search the net only to find, LOTS of other people being charged without ever requesting service, or some that maby used legalzoom but never asked for a monthly service with it yet still got charged, but i found some hope -- Someone named "Patty Chikamagalur" who supposedly worked for Legalzoom, found her in 2 places offering help to people who had posted problems similar to mine -- Pchikamagalur@***.com and Patty@***.com -- I Had sent a email to the first address, which i got a responce where she ADMITTED that they had my Credit Card number and saw the charges but didnt have my name anywhere in their system, she said she would stop the charges and i was under impression that she may even reimburse some of what they had already stolen from me, then days and weeks and months go by where i throw patty an email once a week or so only to NEVER GET ANOTHER RESPONCE -- This C... straight told me they were stealing from me wiht my credit card and no name to the credit card, (isnt that illegal in itself??

how the *** do you charge someone with just a number and no name/ect??) then what i assume realized she had just screwed up big time by admitting this ***, stops replying all together, THEN THE CHARGE HAPPENED AGAIN! *** ME!



or rant to an exec for their bait and switch tactics

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