I have been trying to get a DBA for over a month now. The order was made thru my accountant, and if I had any idea of the hassle that would be involved, I would have done it myself, no question.

The latest thing was the State of TN needing a copy of my drivers license, so I scanned it about ten days ago, and sent it to them. Well, I found out today (10 days later, mind you) that the copy was smudged and I need to send them another one! Not having this simple document has delayed me being able to start my business!

So, who knows when I will finally be done with this. Do yourself a big favor and don't even consider going thru these bozos to get anything done, or you will be horribly disappointed!

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We always do our best to correct the situation when there has been dissatisfaction with our service or product. We would like to resolve the delay with your DBA filing with you as soon as possible, please contact us at Chyna@lzserve.com, we look forward to hearing from you.



This is somehow Legal Zoom's fault? NOT

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